Is there any new Dercum's Disease Info?

I haven’t been following the forums for a few years and wondered if there’s any new information or treatments for Dercum’s Disease?

Mine has been getting worse lately, possibly due to weather, but it’s a little bit hard to handle, so I thought I’d reach out.

Thank you in advance! :wink:

I wish I could help you. I haven’t heard of any new developments. I wish like yourself there was. I myself are struggling with dercum’s disease. Things aren’t improving for me. I have recently had 12 lipomas removed. But with no improvement.

Chin up

Hey, Yaeghan and Supersport
We are are constantly making plans for adding new communities to the network.
I’ll remind my colleague TJ that you’re here.
Hope you are both keeping as well as possible!
Seenie from Admin.