JC Needs Ben’s Friends Help

We launched a fundraiser for John ‘JC’ Colyer, a dear friend to everyone in BF as he moderates for most of our sites. JC is a positive, independent person and would never ask for help despite his cerebellar ataxia which hampers his mobility. However, many of Ben’s Friends Moderators and Members have asked how they can help JC, whose place was totally washed out by superstorm Sandy. JC lives alone in New Jersey and will have to start from scratch once he returns home.

Even in this time of need JC has in mind helping others with him in the evacuation shelter. JC said: “I am bringing Ben’s Friends to the people in the shelter. They need support here. There are no social boundaries. Everyone is in it together.”

You, too, may take this opportunity of showing our love to JC by donating through this GoFundMe link.