Myotonic dystrophy


I was wondering if anybody else had Myotonic Dystrophy as I am not really sure about it. My real Dad had this disease tho I wasn't in contact he died nearly a year ago. I got a copy of his death certificate and saw he had DM. My mum suggested I get myself checked out as I am prone to getting chest infections that always put me in hospital,I know why now because I have this DM1, as a blood test confirmed it.

Hi Rena,

I would like to get more info on this disease before I can answer your question honestly.

I have so many autoimmune diseases, as does my youngest son, so I am wondering whether or not DM fits into that category?

My latest battle is with RSD which has shaken me to my very core. It is horrific & leaves you living in fear of its next "attack"! Are you familiar with this? It seems to act differently with each individual. If you know of anyone that has this horrible disease, please have them contact me?

I will research your disease in the meantime & let you know if I, or anyone I know, is afflicted.

Bless you!