New Ben’s Friends Facebook Page for Caregivers

We would like to announce a new Ben’s Friends Facebook group just for Caregivers, the “Caregiver Support Community”: . The mission of the Caregiver Support Community is to provide a place where Caregivers can share their feelings and concerns and support each other emotionally. If you are a Caregiver, please join us by “liking” and “following” this page.

The Caregiver Support Community group is a closed group, which means members’ comments will not be seen publicly but only by other members. In addition, members have to be accepted into the closed group by an administrator.

I would love to join but I have the disease, I am not the caretaker. I have so much respect for those that are and I love them all so much. Where would we all be with out them!!!!

thank you so much for forming this group. Its been a long time in the making.

Richard W. Sylver

Chronic Lyme Disease

This is fantastic! All caregivers need an outlet, someone to understand, share with. I know I do! It’s a tough gig as their daughter being the caregiver as it makes it more personal and they think it’s okay to kinda be pushy, not respectful.
Have survived two brain tumor surgeries, stroke, stroke pain left side, paralysis partial on left and have chronic neuropathy pain, but just keep pushing so can be there for my folks. So glad I live here and can help! It’s tough, trying now to help find food that entice my mother to eat. She was hospitalized just recently and to get my father with Alzheimer’s to cooperate and not wake her up randomly through the night for inane reasons is a real battle. Night before last she finally got an excellent rest while was protecting her from him inadvertently coming in and talking really loudly to her requesting something he knows he can and does do on his own. Just seems to be this game of control and it being immediately remedied as he wakes up Mom and myself at random hours, blasting the television downstairs when he has an HDTV with everything in his room. Is just part of the disease I guess, being like a small child. Poops himself too and ask him to go re-wipe his butt. It takes a lot of encouraging, like he’d rather squirm in his diapers before wipe and we get to watch him while he watches tv downstairs with us. Every 5 minutes it’s some darn request. The stress is coming out of mom though infection and appetite and she cannot afford to get thinner as she is working on 3/4 of a heart. So yesterday got her some foods that actually she said tasted good. Amen, let’s keep this positivity going! No falls for dad would be nice this week and keeping them out of the hospital is the main goal.hard work, painful but also rewarding. I love them so!