Welcome to Dawn!

Welcome Dawn @dnlrsn! It sounds like the diagnostic process was really pretty challenging for you. I’m glad that you were able to get a diagnosis. Even though the diagnosis may be very challenging, as yours is, sometimes having a name makes it easier to know what to expect.

When you get your new rescue puppy, please feel free to share pictures. Everyone loves a good puppy picture

Sharon from ModSuppport

Not sure if you are talking me or not. I am not dawn and i am not getting a rescue puppy. I am Lucy’s mom and lucy is my senior cat. I have been diagnosed with sjogrens, pancreatic insufficiency and lichenoid esophagitis. Beyond that i dont know much. No one ive seen knows what to do for the esophagitis. I need more information. I believe i have multiple conditions as a result of the advancement of the sjogrens. I need to know more and how to treat everything. Thanks

Welcome to you as well @Lucysmom ! You’ll find me on a few sites here, including sjogrens. Now surprisingly, because autoimmune conditions like to travel in groups.

It’s interesting that you mentioned restless leg syndrome. I’ve had it forever but this past summer it got really really bad. I went to my GP who ran some blood work and it turns out that I was anemic. Three months of iron supplementation and follow up blood work I feel so much better and my levels have normalized.

We are cat people in my house. We now have four indoor cats, a foster cat, and an outdoor cat


Thank you for your reply. I have been feeling desperately alone. Every time i try to ligin it fails. I need contact with others and your reply helped.Thank you for opening your home to the cats. I can only have one where i live, or i would do the same.
I too am anemic. Been trying to resolve.

My email is sharon@bensfriends.org if you need any assistance