Can we get to know the moderators in all sites here?

Hi all! I know a few of you already. I’m already members of 4 sites here, and I am a moderator Can we get to know more of the other moderators as One big team? Perhaps we can pull resources together and help each other. I am quite active and I am not stopping yet. I’m just curious if we can make more opportunities together!

Conferences? Meetings?..well, just a thought.


I'm new here for Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Org. and think it would be great to hear how others are making out at Ben's Friends.

Hi there Swami Jim, I am a new moderator on and LWL, so its good to meet you. It would be good if everyone knew each other. Anyway take care, bye for now, Kind regards Astrid40xoxo

sounds great!