Raynauds phenomenon

I have cold clammy,sweaty hands & feet. I've recently seen my doctor due to my feet turning blue & lots of pain in fingers. I sometimes feel like I'm walking on ice breaks. I consistently have cold feet that can go tingling & numb. I also have odd shooting pains in both legs & my right bicep. My hands, fingers get arches. My fingers kinda lock up & hurt every now & again. I was diagnosed with Raynauds Phenomenon Feb. 2014. My mother has lupus, r.a, fibromyalgia,Chiari & sjogrenes syndrome.

... My mom & I have been noticing I have a couple symptoms like her. My doctor believes I may have lupus due pass health issues. I will soon be seeing My mother's Rheumatologist for my raynauds phenomenon & further testing.

I wear hiking socks to try to stay warm but they get sweaty? Any ideas on keeping my feet warm & dry. What shall I do with sweaty cold feet.?

Hope everyone is having a good day

Rellie, we have started a FB page for Raynaud's. I hope you will join it. https://www.facebook.com/livingwithraynauds?fref=ts