Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue!

I am a stage IV MBC patient with mets to my bones only at this point. My biggest problem is unrelenting fatigue. I don’t understand if it from the meds or the cancer. If I take a pain pill I get some relief from the tiredness, but as soon as it wears off I’m right back where I started. I am currently on faslodex and zometa. I have two oncs as I am in a vaccine clinical trial at Johns Hopkins and they have both said to take the oxycodone - it doesn’t make me sleepy-actually helps but I’m wondering if there is anything else that might perk me up a bit. I am trying to increase my vit. D intake and take a multi vitamin, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Hey Diana, I too am stage IV MBC. Originally it was central to my bones only but since has spread into my liver. I have been on zometa myself and found not to have fatigue with that drug. I am not familiar with faslodex. I can only tell you my experiences and since I was rediagnosed in 2008, I have been on about 10 meds and found they are usually the reason for fatigue. On thing to keep in mind though, all meds affect everyone differently. Have you tried Ensure or something like that to help? My brother is a patient at Johns Hopkins for the treatment of multiple myeloma and I know he used that some. I actually was born and raised in Towson, Md but have lived in Texas for the last 28 yrs. If I hear of anything that might help ya, I’ll send ya a note. Stay strong!

Awesome discussion.

Joanna - did you know we have a Myeloma group for your brother? http://www.livingwithmyeloma.org/

Thanks…I’ll pass it on to him!