Lots of life changes

Hi I am 64 and got really sick fast..I am a non working nurse.not by choice.My hair dresser noticed my hair had fallen out and scared.Next day went too dermatologist.He did biopsies.I also went too primary doctors.Everything came back positive Ana .All of a matter of days .I had my first run in with fibromyalgia.To not being able to walk and think right.This all came down to losing more hair.and I had trouble working.Was told by doc to quit.I I was the manager of out of.Now I have had liver biopsies,gallbladder removed,kidney bx.I live in paintbrush also have cardiac and lung problems neck issues.,Also had to learn how to walk again.THERE is more.good thing I had long term insurance.All this in5years.have cognItive issues.W ill tell more as time goes JoNathan's for letting me share Dj

I'm sorry about the rapid changes, DJ. Lots of emotional adjustments to make. I hope you are on our lupus community, as those members go through the same issues and can offer coping tips.

DJ, you may wish to repost in discussions, as we are closing blogs shortly.